Overwatch & Evolution, pt. 2 (Final)

sombra laura

4. Sombra & Laura (Street Fighter)
Sombra and Laura are two sides of the same game token. Fielding concurrent appearances in 2016 releases, they’re a pair of tenacious Latin American (Mexico and Brazil respectively) ladies with similar striking asymmetric hairstyles. A more tentative connection might be their roles as “energy manipulators,” with Sombra wrangling airwaves to hack heroes and Laura gaining a killer charge from her own hair. In the end, Sombra’s conservative appearance and sedate charisma play foil to Laura’s risque ensembles and splashy vivacity.


soldier rocky

5. Soldier 76 & Rocky (Robo Army/King of Fighters 2000)
If the team from Robo Army had a grizzled, old, gun-toting baby, it’d undoubtedly be Soldier. The titular Robo Army consists of Rocky (a very metalman sort of cyborg) and Maxima (not quite as metal), who are spiritual progenitors of KoF franchise’s Maxima (alongside Harry Ness–really, Google it–from Fallen Angels). Somehow, Soldier seems to have snagged Rocky’s visor and color palette while taking a leaf from Maxima’s book by retaining his humanity and tossing aside purported military credentials for vengeance.


reinhardt kliff

6. Reinhardt & Kliff Undersn (Guilty Gear)
Sometimes it’s hard to be the oldest heavyhitter in the game, as both Reinhardt and Kliff can tell you. Whether they’re clones of King of Fighters’ Nests or trans-dimensional brothers from alternate mothers, these grumpy old men sport the best beards and some of the most intimidating  weaponry of their respective universes. Both reluctant retirees–Kliff once a crusader and Reinhardt bearing an armor of the same name–eagerly return to arms when the worlds they left behind are threatened.


hanzo mitsu

7. Hanzo & Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur)
Rejoice Hanzo fans! The dragon archer isn’t a knock-off Mitsurugi. In fact, the two samurai actually don’t have a lot in common, other than the obvious semi-bare chested samurai awesome. But, their common designs likely point to a pair of conceptual forefathers who defined the Japanese warrior for the 20th century. Hanzo quotes famous historic Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, who was portrayed by modern film star Toshiro Mifune. His portrayal of Musashi and various other samurai became iconic in Western cinema and created the samurai archetype that left us with the ferocity of Mitsurugi and Hanzo’s grace.

So, do you see any similarities with other favorite fighters among the Overwatch roster? Notice any other striking resemblances? Leave a comment below to keep the theory rolling!

-Overwatch: Alternatives for Ashe-

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