The Mid-Week Feature: Five Reasons Why The Video Game Industry Is Definitely Not Heading Towards Another Crash

The first Mid-Week Feature is a post from, weighing the current landscape of gaming against that of the ’80s crash~

The Optimistic Gamer Blog

Sigh. Lately, I’ve been noticing articles, blog posts and videos popping up everywhere claiming doom and gloom for the video game industry. These people claim that we are heading for another crash like theone in 1983, that the industry is about to pop wide open like agiant water balloon. Well, reader, I feel like it’s my duty as The Optimistic Gamer to give you five good reasons why that is absolutely and completely false. So lets take a look at the most common reasons people give for this imaginary, impending crash and why they’re totally full of it.

1. History is Repeating Itself

Atari Landfill

A lot of the things I see discussing this topic like to bring up the fact that, at a glance, the market today is beginning to look pretty similar to the way it did shortly before the crash in ’83. They like to…

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