The Mid-Week Feature: The Star Wars New Canon Book Club

The Star Wars New Canon Book Club discusses more than books and more than Star Wars. When Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise, it defined what was canon from older materials and established a new one with a novel prior to the premiere of The Force Awakens. Thus, every officially licensed Star Wars property since contributes to the story and lore, including Star Wars Battlefront II. The game’s engine might toss out multiple Leias, Lukes, Vaders, and Solos, but actual contributions to canon are thankfully confined to the single-player campaign (because two Landos are a fanfic, not a viable long-term option for the Rebellion). So, the SWNC Book Club happily tackles books, movies, and action shooters to speculate on just where this crazy star trek is going.


Episode 31 addresses Battlefront II‘s Iden Versio campaign, the novels surrounding the main characters of said campaign, and prepares for the release of The Last Jedi. The gentleman negotiate lore, the difficulties of creating a game based on a book based on a film based on a film, and any salvageable staples of canon. Star Wars fan or not, the podcast provides an insightful look at the clumsy monstrosity that is cross-media canon. Did Disney do it better with Marvel, or was that a pattern established before Marvel’s buy-out? Should canons be limited to their media, such as the video games of a franchise having a separate canon from the print media of the same franchise? Are there other games where you feel cross-media canon is done well or poorly? Weigh in, let us know, and leave your mark here or over at the Star Wars New Canon Book Club~

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