Monday Music Appreciation: Owlboy



(Composer: Jonathan Geer)

Owlboy’s soundtrack is sweeping, epic, and unexpectedly cinematic at times! Although the music thematically recalls earlier video game compositions, such as those of Zelda and Metroid, a fleshed-out orchestral ensemble adds intensity and complexity. Pastoral tracks contribute to the game’s overall sense of awe; yet, the battle themes truly shine with a novel approach to dissonance. “King Kaboon,” in particular, features a discordance defined by a mixture of percussive elements and syncopating tempos. A variety of percussion gambol along a strong bass line while a brilliant horn section fuels the melody. Although much of Owlboy’s music is fairly ambient, the most notable tracks are redolent with emotions, such as grief, fear, and triumph. If you’re looking for an aural epic, Owlboy might just be a perfect fit!

Have a favorite Owlboy track? Think it beats out “Kaboon” for the best? Leave a comment and let us know!

2 thoughts on “Monday Music Appreciation: Owlboy

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    • Thank you so much for this honor. Sorry for the late reply, but the blog was on hiatus due to life. Hopefully, we’re back, and I look forward to catching up on a backlog of your posts~


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