Monday Music Appreciation: Maize



(Composers: Jeff Elliott and Brian Gair)

The music of Maize cleverly mimics the game, itself, creating an unexpected yet charmingly surreal experience. Many of the game’s environments evoke a rural wasteland: a dilapidated farmhouse, a ragged cornfield, and a strange bunker beneath it all; and composers Jeff Elliott and Brian Gair play to the ominous impression. However, just as the small details (or obnoxiously large in some portly, bronze cases) strewn throughout the world reveal the true oddity of circumstances, the synth and theremin-esque tracks culminate in a nostalgic late ’80s/early ’90s feel with a pop single to match. “Top Secret” and its variations are the crowning glory of the Maize soundtrack. The lyrics are unpredictable and witty, perfectly encapsulating the cast and their many misguided labors. Catchy and infectious, the anthem is beloved by characters and players alike. Much like the premise of the game, Elliott and Gair undertook a serious task and inadvertently produced something beguilingly eccentric and undoubtedly a success.

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