What’s Spoils of Lore about?

It’s about video games and their lore. First looks, second looks, sixth looks and speculations, all about the video games we love and the many aspects that make up their plotlines and/or worlds.

Why spoilers?! Why do you have to ruin the story or spoil things? Spoilers are bad!

Firstly, slow your roll, yo. You’re passionate and have an opinion; we appreciate and support both those things. Secondly, Spoils of Lore is a blog designed to encourage replayability and build community, not necessarily intended for an audience of first-time playthroughs or players completely new to a game. Most of the articles are focused on exploring worlds, concepts, and plots that we anticipate readers/players are already familiar with. So, we consider spoilers to be expected. It’s… it’s in the name. Also, spoilers aren’t bad~ They can lead to fun memes, theories, and t-shirts!

For those still concerned: Posts are tagged with spoiler warnings, but WP’s tagging system isn’t the most visible; so, all articles (and some additional content) are also available at Spoils of Lore on Tumblr where tags are prominently displayed at the top.

Can we talk about the lore I want to talk about?

Yes pls! And your mom’s lore, your brother’s lore, your dog’s lore, your worst enemy’s lore~ If you’ve a lore question, theory, or topic, feel free to submit it via the comment form or link to a blog post. SoL might not get to it right away, but there will always be a response! Thanks in advance!

I really like this one game! Do you have any other posts about it?

On the frontpage, if you click the banner with the game’s title in the top left of the thumbnail, it’ll pop a list of all other posts for that game.

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